Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes and Maud Clavier, co-fondators

   Clap & Zap production is a French company creating content and immersive experiences in virtual reality.

   Created in 2014 by Maud Clavier and Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes in Cannes, she has developed a great expertise in the field of VR by offering her services to different clients such as INRA, Clément Rhum, EDHEC and many ‘other. From production, scripting to staging and distribution, Clap & Zap production has managed complex projects by producing 360 institutional videos.

   In addition, Clap & Zap production has also produced several original short film creations in 360. It is the first French production company to produce an immersive stereoscopic film in 360 in 2015 “The Otherside”. The company continued to develop its creativity by producing the short film 360 “The Last Hero” awarded by the Laval Virtual AR / VR content, Paris Short Before 2016 and the Stand Next at the Cannes Film Market. Clap & Zap is working on a new short film project in 360 with Jean-Claude Dreyfus entitled “The Last Moment”.

   Clap & Zap production acquired during these years a great experience in the creation of contents in VR and received numerous awards and labels. They have participated several times in the Cannes Film Festival and have made a lot of media coverage. (BFM business, the Point …)

   Established at the Plain Image in Tourcoing since 2016, Clap & Zap production has established strategic partnerships with complementary companies working on spatialized sound, special effects, a VR web player, augmented reality. The company therefore has all the technological experience necessary to achieve any challenge. Since 2018, Clap & Zap has taken a new turn with Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes to the president of the company. The company is on a new virtual reality karaoke project: Sing Inside VR!