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Summer news

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The Last Heros at Cannes Film Festival

Our last 360° movie The Last Heros was presented at the VR library, on the Next pavillon during the 70th edition of Cannes Film Festival.

The Next pavillon was showcasing a lot of great content, therefore, our film is still unique: It’s a mainstream film with super-heros, a comedy with an interractive end through hotspots systems and spacialised sound + sound tracking thanks to our great partner Sonic Ville 360.

We’re looking for financial support to help us with the chinese and english doubling (as we have already interested distributors) and financial support to produce the next episodes of this VR-interractive-Serial!

VR PANEL: a roundtable of good pactises!

Great VR Panel organized by Benedicte Eleonore Beaugeois (Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire) Cynthia Landon (Women In Entertainment) and Maud Clavier (Clap & Zap Production) at the Maison des Scenaristes pavillon during Cannes Film Festival.

Smart speakers are talking about their work, introducing VR future and tips for new people in this industry: Naomi Roth (Virtuality for reality) Alisson foucault (UniVR Studio) Leslie Levi (Concert Digital-360-VR) Maud Clavier (Clap & Zap Production) Francois Klein (Digital Rise Studio) Pierre Friquet (VR director) Julien Mokrani (VR director at Okio-Studio)

Discover Clap & Zap’s showreel!

Specialised since 2015 in 360° video creation and production, we have now a grat 360 video collection on our board.

To see our best shot, please take a look at our showreel!

If you have any need for your company to create a 360° video, please don’t hesistate to contact the CEO Maud Clavier on this adress:

Event “Art of Future”


Thanks to the Hénin-Carvin Agglomeration for their event “Art of Future” with Olivier Montoro, (director for Canal +) and Asai Nobumichi (Artist and inventor of the face mapping, and creator of Ghost in the Shell VR)

Clap & Zap had the honor to be a partner in this event and to present its 360 ° film The Last Hero: That Asai Nobumichi and Olivier Montoro enjoyed a lot!

Our membership at Unifrance






Recently, Unifrance gets interested in french VR – 360 videos and how to promote and distribute them internationally.

Clap & Zap beeing in an international dynamic, it was like an evidence to be part of this adventure.

Unifrance had their own pavillon during Cannes Film Festival, showcasing VR content and organizing VR events.

We were happy to be part of those amazing meetings between hight qualified professionals.

Clap & Zap on Unifrance’s website →