January 19th 2017, At the initiative of Clap & Zap, La Plaine Images hosted the 1st edition of Uni-Vr Nord, which was about VR Entertainment in all its aspects.


Laurent Tricart

The Strategic Development director of La Plaine Images came to greet and thank all the participants to be present for the first edition of Uni-Vr Nord.


Frédéric Josué

Uni-Vr’s CEO came to introduce the event. He explained the reasons why Uni-Vr has been created, its axes of work and its possibilities for development. This divestment inaugurates Uni-Vr’s desire to spread throughout France and promises a bright future for the association.

Then we attended the presentations of our three speakers of honors.


Laurent Grisoni

Laurent Grisoni, professor at the University of Lille 1, introduced us to the problem of virtual reality: Machine-man interaction, differences in languages and functioning, applicable to VR and which must be taken into account in order to develop our contents Through this new medium.


Gaultier Rault

Gauthier Rault continued with the presentation of his company Homido, a local start-up who created and sells inexpensive virtual reality headsets. Its major presence in the United States shows the European delay on the public’s enthusiasm.


Louis Cacciuttolo

Lastly, Louis Cacciuttolo, presented us his company VRrOOm: A news platform VRr00m Buzz which adopts a less serious tone in order to popularize the media, and the distribution of content through various rooms, of which Louis testified to us the diffculty of space And economic model.

Part of the event was devoted to the financing of VR content in order to democratize it.


Maud Clavier / Martha Gutierrez / Antoine Fertin / Laurent Chrétien

Around the panel about financing VR contents we had Antoine Fertin of Pictanovo, Laurent Chrétien representing La FrenchTech Laval and  Riam of  CNC (he is also the director of the Laval Virtual festival) and Martha Gutierrez to represent Relais Culture Europe. It was Maud Clavier, the founder of Clap & Zap Production who hosted this panel.

Antoine Fertin talked about the reconstruction of their dedicated fund, with different branch for video games in virtual reality and 360 ° audiovisual and cinematographic content.

Laurent Chrétien mentioned the possibilities of financing through the Riam, which finances technical innovations necessary for the durability of the contents.

Finally, Martha reminds us the European found will open up all their areas of founding for projects in virtual reality, thus encouraging exchanges between countries and the diversity of the proposed projects.

To close this first edition of Uni-Vr Nord, several start-ups specialized in VR presented us their company and told us little anecdotes.


ACFX: Dave Decottignies

ACFX specializes in post-production and special effects in VR: stabilisation, erasing elements… The company also manages a 500m2 studio. This studio is equipped by Transpalux and can now receive national or international shoots!



Aspic Technologies designs and distributes sound processing software tools for video game and virtual reality professionals.


Clap & Zap Production which tells the story of a 360 ° film production: Script, preparation, filming and post production.


LUCIDWEB: Thomas Balouet

Lucid Web that develops WebVr and VR web players, making VR content more accessible and easy to view.


DIGITAL RISE: François Klein

Digital Rise in a company that produce contents, François explained the funny aspects of  VR workflow and the different types of narration.



Vertical is a video game creation studio and playful applications born of the will of  3 passionate founders, to produce quality games with a limited team of extremely competent people.


AUGMENTEO: Charlotte Landry et Quentin Warnant

Augmenteo is a AR company through their gamified concept Bug, they also create virtual reality games.

BONUS VIDEOS (in french)

Facebook live including pitches of  ACFX / Lucidweb / Vertical / Aspic / Augmenteo

Facebook live including the showroom

Videos of this first edition of Uni-Vr Nord will soon be available.

For further information please contact maud.clavier@clapzap.com